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Key Production Facility
1 x Disamatic line: DISA030B with automatic vertical molding
· Molding plate size: 650mm X 535mm
· Speed: 270 moulds per hour
· Unit weight: 25 Kg
· Production capacity: 10000 tons annually
1 x Semi automatic mechanical molding line
· Two CTIII molding machine and three CTI molding machine from UK
· Molding plate size: 640mm X 530mmX140mm
· peed: 50 molds per hour
· Unit weight: 45 kg
· Production capacity: 2500 tons annually
1 x Semi Auto Resin Sand Production System
Capacity 15,000 tons annually
Unit Weight: Up to 3000 kg/Pc.
7 electric furnaces
One ton for each furnace
Key Production Facility: Molding Machine Production
Molding Machines: 6 x CT7 and 2 x 148E
Production Capacity: 2000 tons annually
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