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Special Product Design and Process with Solidification Simulation
·This 3D rendering tool is of great help in designing pieces from diagrams, preliminary sketches and other information provided by the customer. Existing 3D files can be imported in various formats.
·This software makes 2D drawings that can be mailed to the customer or sent as digital Sharing files by the Internet speeds up the entire process, helps reduce the risk of error, and allows quick visualization.
The foundry is equipped with the latest technology in metallurgy analysis systems:
· Sample preparation
· Optical microscopy
· Image acquisition
· Image analysis software
All of these tools enable us to produce professional reports for you!
Testing Capabilities
Molding Sand Control
To control our key production data, we perform several types of tests on a daily basis. Here are the six main categories:
· Metallograpgy
· Physical
· Chemical
· Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
· Functional
· Molding Sand Control
Since the quality of the sand used in the foundry's process is critical, we perform the following tests daily to ensure the highest standards:
· Granulometry
· Lose on ignition
· Strength
· Moisture content
· Compactibility
· Permeability
· Process
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